About Us


At Cooperative Elevator Co., we strive to put safety first in all operations. The agronomy department is dedicated to quality service and products without jeopardizing the safety of our customers or our employees. We hold monthly location safety meetings to keep all employees involved in our safety procedures and updates. We make an effort to update producers of new ways to be safe in our seasonal newsletter, at meetings and on our website. We have developed a quality line of products from industry leading companies that are the safest to use when handled correctly. State-of-the-art technology and personal protective equipment allow us to service you in the safest way possible. Our safety practices and procedures help guide a safe environment but it is the attitude of our employees and patrons that make our safety culture! 

Cooperative Elevator Co. Agronomy Division is made up of over 50 full time employees and several seasonal employees. With 10 agronomy locations we service Huron, Sanilac, Tuscola, Lapeer, Bay, Genesse,and Saginaw counties and service over 1,000 agricultural producers. We strive on building long term relationships with our producers and dedicate our agronomic techniques to make each producer's operation as productive and sustainable as possible. We love agriculture and are committed to serving you. Our mission is customer services and we are adapting our practices to fit each individuals needs. We also care about the land and want to service you in the most efficient and sustainable way so that we can continue to produce together to feed the world!  



The Agronomy Department is well aware of the growing world population. We feel it is our duty to be the best stewards of the land to make it possible to feed the world for years to come. Here in the Thumb of Michigan, we take pride in our diverse production of drybeans, sugarbeets, wheat, alfalfa, corn and soybeans. We focus on reducing the carbon footprint on every acre by being as efficient as possible from seed to commodity. 

Research is a very important part of your business and ours. Together through local on farm data trials we can partner to find the best solutions locally. Each and every product we deliver to you has been researched several years before it's even brought to our local trials. Our agriculture world is changing so quickly that our products change even faster. We are dedicated to learning everything we can to service our producers.