Glyphosate Residues

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FDA TO TEST FOOD FOR GLYPHOSATE RESIDUES: The FDA is preparing to test foods for glyphosate as part of its pesticide residue monitoring. While agency spokeswoman Lauren Sucher wouldn't say the reason for the change, she told MA that the FDA in the past didn't have cost effective testing methods, especially for processed foods, which tend to have very low levels of the pesticides.

"Recently, the FDA has developed streamlined methods for testing for glyphosate," Sucher said. "The agency is now preparing plans for Fiscal Year 2016 to measure glyphosate in soybeans, corn, milk and eggs, among other potential foods."

The move by the FDA follows an October 2014 GAO report that found the FDA needed to improve its methodology for testing pesticide residues in food and disclose those chemicals, including glyphosate, that it isn't looking for. The Monsanto-developed chemical is the most commonly used herbicide. The GAO report is here. Advocacy group U.S. Right to Know first reported the change in Civil Eats here

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