Services offered


Custom Application

  • Dry, Liquid & Aerial Custom Application
  • Plant Nutrient Management
  • Variable Rate Crop Protection 


 "We are partnered with an independent, certified aerial applicator to help us apply crop protection and plant nutrients for you in a safe, timely and efficient manner. Through aerial application we are maximizing yields, improving the quality of your crop, and eliminating compaction of your soils. We strive to reduce the risk of product drift by adding a deposition agent to ensure full coverage, and minimal error on every acre." 

-Dave Ackerman, CCA
 Fairgrove Plant 


  • CDMS Advanced CropMaster Tool
  • 7 Bulk Fertilizer Locations
  • Industry Leading Technology and Equipment
  • NutriSolutions Tool

"At Cooperative Elevator Co. we believe in the 4 R fertilizer placement strategy. Our trained, certified and dedicated agronomists determine the Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, and Right Place for your specific operation to allow your fields to be farmable for years to come. We strive to deliver quality service and products for a better tomorrow."

-Mark Boyne, CCA
Former VP of Agronomy



GPS Soil Sampling

  • Variable Rate Sampling
  • State of The Art Technology
  • Advanced Agronomy Equipment

“Here in the Thumb, fields are soil sampled in 2 1/2 acre parcels. Soil Samples are then sent to a state of the art laboratory. The lab provides the Cooperative Elevator Co. with the current nutritional levels found in the soil. Our certified agronomists analyze the results and make recommendations based on the deficiencies of nutrients.  Nutrients are lost each year when the plants in the field use these nutrients to grow. To be good stewards of the soil, correct nutrients need to be added back. The key is to apply only what is needed and specifically where it is needed.  This is important because Michigan is surrounded by the beautiful Great Lakes. These lakes are the largest bodies of fresh water in the world. Over application could result in run-off into these lakes. The Cooperative Elevator Co. and its producers feel responsible for the lakes as much as their soil. Protecting both of them is equally important. If you would like to learn more on the processes of variable rate application please ask your Cooperative Elevator representative.”

-Dan Armbruster, CCA
VP of Agronomy


  • COOP Brand, Croplan Genetics, NK, Seedex & Pioneer Seed Varieties
  • Bulk Seed Storage
  • Custom Bulk Seed Treatment

"Our COOP Brand drybean seed is researched and hand selected by our elite breeders in Idaho. Once gone through an intense research program, the varieties are selected based on traits for our specific needs. They are then sent to be grown for seed production in Washington. Certified trained individuals work hard to bring us the best products in the drybean market."

-Kevin Roestel
Pigeon Seed Plant Manager